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The DR3 Triggers Report provides historical snapshots of the Shadow Prices that are used by the IESO in triggering standby notifications and activations of the Ontario Demand Response 3 (DR3) program. Effective June 1, 2014, the DR3 program is based on energy scarcity using the locational pre-dispatch shadow prices for seven Resources Identifiers that together cover all of Ontario's zones. This replaces the use of the Ontario-wide calculations for both Energy Market Prices and Supply Cushion. Details of the procedure used to activate those participating in the DR3 program, either directly or through an aggregator, has been published on the IESO website at IESO DR Working Group Response - DR3 Triggers

The main points of the new IESO DR3 protocol are as follows:

DR3 Resources and Zones

There are 7 separate Resources Names (delivery points) whose Shadow Prices are reported hourly. Each Resource is used to identify one or more separate zones within Ontario. The names, location coverage, associated MW and availability window are shown below.

Resource Name Ontario Zone(s) Load * Availability Window
DR_TORONTO_EARLY All of Ontario 23 MW 12PM - 6PM EPT all year round
DR_TORONTO_LATE Toronto, Essa, East 172 MW Summer: 12PM - 8PM EPT
Other: 4PM - 9PM EPT
DR_OTTAWA_LATE Ottawa 29 MW Summer: 12PM - 8PM EPT
Other: 4PM - 9PM EPT
DR_SOUTHWEST_LATE Georgian Bay, South Central, South West, Bruce 116 MW Summer: 12PM - 8PM EPT
Other: 4PM - 9PM EPT
DR_WEST_LATE Long Point, West 31 MW Summer: 12PM - 8PM EPT
Other: 4PM - 9PM EPT
DR_NIAGARA_LATE Niagara 21 MW Summer: 12PM - 8PM EPT
Other: 4PM - 9PM EPT
DR_NORTHEAST_LATE North East, North West 13 MW Summer: 12PM - 8PM EPT
Other: 4PM - 9PM EPT
* Represents the aggregate amount of Load MW as of the initial implementation on June 1, 2014

DR3 Zones

DR3 Timelines

Timeframe (Title Colour) Pre-Dispatches Used What the Report shows
Day-Ahead Notification Day-Ahead up to HE17. The report will show only one version up to and including the HE17 Predispatch.
Day-At-Hand Standby Notification Day-at-Hand, from HE1 to HE7. All versions in HE1 – HE7.
Activation Day at Hand, any pre-dispatches versions as long as they provide at least 2.5 hours notification of an Activation. The first pre-dispatch shown is that which occurs 2 full hours prior to the start of the earliest Availability Window. With every subsequent pre-dispatch, the availability window shrinks by one hour, up until the Availability Window no longer permits the calling of a 4-hour block for curtailment. Where both requirements for an Standby Notice and Activation occurred, the last line will be the total MW that would be curtailed if called in that Pre-Dispatch.
Latest Predispatch N/A (Informational Only) Within the Day-Ahead timeframe, after the Day-Ahead notification window has ended, one more additional pre-dispatch will be shown that is the latest version.
DR3 timelines

Shadow Price Legend

Background Colour Shadow Price Indication
White Hour is outside of the Resource's Hours of Availability.
Grey Resources availability Window, always shown as converted to IESO EST as required. Shadow Price is below $200/MWh threshold.
Gold The Shadow Price exceeds the $200/MWh threshold, however, it is either not exceeding the threshold for at least 4 hours or the report feels that it is not the best 4-hour block (based on the highest average shadow prices).
Red The Shadow Price exceeds the $200/MWh threshold for at least 4 continuous hours. If there is a choice of multiple 4-hour continuous blocks exceeding the threshold, the report will select the best block that has the highest average Shadow Prices.

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