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Sygration provides web-based solutions and data services for the de-regulated electricity market with a specialized focus on the Ontario electricity market. Our customers include generators, energy traders, large industrial loads and regulatory bodies across Canada and the United States. Clients quickly benefit from Sygration's products, our in-depth technical knowledge of the markets, experience in Information Technology, and market data analysis.


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Aug 10, 2016
Rodan Energy Acquires Sygration

June 11, 2014
New DR3 Triggers Report

May 6, 2014
Global Adjustment - Taking Control (Article)

May 2, 2014
GA 5CP Program Extended to 3 to 5 MW Loads

October 3, 2011
Global Adjustment Success Newsletter

June 14, 2011
PANs and Dashboard – Working Together

June 9, 2011
Real-time Forecast Error Tracking added to Dashboard

April 20, 2011
New Peak Advisory Notification Service

November 5, 2010
Global Adjustment to Reach $67/MWh by 2015

August 30, 2010
Global Adjustment Allocation Changes

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